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Packed with web2 and web3 features that will play a pivotal role in growing your community

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Ethora is an open-source ‘super app’ engine
available on GitHub

Ethora engine is built using

  • React Native for iOS & Android

  • React.js for Web

low-code and highly customisable

save money and development efforts

Build your white-labelled app within minutes

It takes only 5 minutes using our app builder
interface to white label and build your own app

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Ethora has started as a low-code engine. You needed React experience to launch your app.
Now, you don’t HAVE to code. You can still make code and functionality changes any time if you WANT.

Chat, work, play
and earn..

Loyalty program, fans connect, health wallet, AI advisor -
you decide what your app is. Just chisel
away the features you don’t need.

did you know whose saying this is? “The sculpture is already complete within the marble block, before I start my work. It is already there, I just have to chisel away the superfluous material.”

Built using the most popular tech stack

Ethora engine is built using React Native for iOS & Android as well as React.js (web / desktop version). Additionally, we use our server-side platform infrastructure which includes EVM (Ethereum) compatible L2 chain, API layer and messaging infrastructure for chat and push notifications.

Social at heart

Powerful web3 social infrastructure in the core of Ethora engine means your users will enjoy instant messaging, push notifications and decentralized identity without any effort or compromise.

Our engine has started as a server. In 2018 it was called “Dappros Platform”.
Developers had to build their own client apps. Later, we’ve added Ethora as an open-source client.
Full JSON API, XMPP and RPC endpoints are available if you wish to build
a new client from scratch or connect any 3rd party service.

Out of the box

Your community can create NFTs, send coins, chat & voice message each other. Sign in with social or Metamask, get your wallet & QR code, upload documents onto IPFS and sign them cryptographically, etc.

Chat / Messaging

Group and 1:1 instant messaging, connecting your users.

Social Sign-On

Streamline the login process with easy access using popular social media accounts.

Push Notifications

Stay informed and engaged with timely updates delivered straight to your device.


Collect coins for activity, reward others, unlock features, earn badges and more.

Digital Assets

Media, Documents, NFTs created, owned, shared and transferred by users.

Chat Bots

Games, raffles, tech support, e-commerce, ChatGPT - add the bots you need!

Focus on your growth

We have built this engine so you can focus on your core business and growing your community. You don’t have to spend months/years on building the foundation tech anymore. Features such as tokenization, messaging & push notifications, API and web3 infrastructure come packed as part of the engine. You can easily enable or disable the features and mechanics depending on your current needs.

Kick-start your web3 growth



Enough for your MVP


  • Custom level 2 domain (web)
  • Web3, Chat and Push Notifications
  • Full API and IPFS (fair use policy)
  • Discord & GitHub support
  • Shared Cloud hosting

Powering SMEs


Everything in free, plus

  • Custom primary domain (web)
  • Advanced L1, L2, IPFS options
  • High API and RPC performance
  • Priority support (tickets)
  • Business Cloud SLA

Custom and larger needs


Everything in Business, plus

  • Dedicated / On-prem hosting
  • Custom configuration
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Enterprise-grade SLA

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will Free tier be enough for me?

    “Free” tier is enough for most projects during MVP / demo stage. Once you’re past that, we encourage you to upgrade to “Business” to obtain a business-level tech support and SLA.

  • Can I self host?

    Yes, AWS Marketplace and custom on-premise configurations of Dappros Platform (Ethora backend) are available.

  • Is there an enterprise / closed source version of Ethora engine?

    Yes. Ethora engine (iOS, Android, Web) is (a) available on GitHub under an open-source license; (b) available from us in a closed-source enterprise-friendly commercial license version (security, users auth, MDM add-ons).

  • Can I pay you or someone for modifications and custom development?

    Yes, there are multiple options. You can carry out custom development with (a) your own in-house or a 3rd party development team; (b) our Professional Services team; or (c) one of our integration Partners. Our Professional Services can only accept a limited number of projects however we’ll be happy to support your tech team or recommend a best integration Partner based on your geography and project specifics.

  • How do I contact you?

    Simply fill out the contact form here or set up a call via Calendly here.

Send us a message to get started quickly

Many projects come to use Ethora engine so they can deliver their MVP quickly within 2 weeks.
We respond within 24 hours.

You can also book a call with our CEO Taras Filatov via his calendly.

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